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Worried about what to do with your FREE time during this Pandemic?

It's the perfect time to grow your business.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Digital Growth Series

As a startup business like you, we have applied a lot of methodologies and techniques to our business in order to keep things running smoothly in the past couple of months. In doing this, we have uncovered a number of SECRETS and LESSONS that we believe would be valuable to a lot of business owners that are trying to figure out a digital strategy that works.



This is why we are launching a 3-day hands-on Digital Growth Strategy Series where we would be teaching you the exact same secrets we have used to grow our business from ZERO to over 1000 CUSTOMERS in 6 months!



This no-holds-barred hands-on live training gives you an opportunity to follow along and build a digital strategy for your business with guidance from our team of experts.

Who needs this?

You; Your Business.

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to create content and manage your social media accounts?


Do you struggle with writing messaging for your products or services?


Ever wondered how other business like yours run promotions on Instagram in order to get their product seen?


Looking for ways to get your business to rank better organically when people search for you or what you do on Google?


Are you looking for more efficient ways of engaging with your customers?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you CANNOT afford to MISS OUT on this!

Topics We Will Cover...

DAY 1: Digital Roadmap for Businesses

Learn about the first steps you should take in order to establish a solid digital footprint for your business.

DAY 1: A-Z of Social Media

Learn the fundamentals of building a strong social media presence with action items and content strategies.

DAY 2: Copywriting Basics

Learn how to write copy that commands attention and forces your clients to engage with your product(s) or service(s).

Day 2: Online Ads

Learn how to setup Instagram promotions and Facebook ads for your business with as little as N800!

DAY 3: SEO Fundamentals

Learn how to research keywords, submit website sitemap to Google and perform SEO for your WordPress based website.

DAY 3: Enhanced Communication

Learn how to implement Live Chat feature on your WordPress website at absolutely zero cost and watch your customers engage.

Total Value: N60,000.

Today's Price: N15,000 ONLY!

100% Refunds Guaranteed If You Decide To Stop After Day 1. ZERO RISKS.

Wondering what this Would do for your business?

Short Answer. A Lot.

Stand out from the crowd

Increase Sales

We use proven methodologies that have worked for us and our clients in their businesses across different industries.

Get Step-by-step guides & Manuals

Our Secret PlayBook

For every topic covered, we share the exact same playbook that we use internally for our business and our clients. In there, you will have checklists, manuals and resources that will guide you to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Access Exclusive Insider Discounts

30% off Services

Yes you read right. Once you enrol for this session you qualify for a lifetime insider discount on all StartSmartNG service offerings.

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Tuesday, 8th to Friday, 10th April 2020. From 10:00am to 12.00pm.

Online using Zoom (a video conferencing tool) and Slack (an online collaboration tool).

Preferably, a laptop with good internet access. Alternatively, you can use a tablet or mobile phone.

  • Access to live classroom for 3 days training
  • Access to ALL training resource materials
  • 2 Months worth of Social Media Content Plan
  • Access to insider Slack channel where you can ask us questions directly and get expert answers within 48 hours

100% refunds are possible if you request for it before day two. After the day two of your trainings, we do not offer refunds.

The live class sessions would be converted to a text/image manual which would be shared at the end of the training with all registered participants.

You would have the chance to interact with us beyond the training sessions through our insider Slack Channel.

Our team would be there to anwer any additional questions you may have.

Absolutely. While the training is designed as a follow-along, you will still find it very valuable even if you were to watch it like a movie.

We are quite optimistic that ideas and concepts we share would be exciting to you.

Business owners that we have worked with report a noticeable uptick in revenue within the first 2 weeks of implementing our recommendations.

ready to take your business to the next level?

Let us help you get there.

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