Virtual Office & Spaces

Virtual Office & Workspaces

Need an office address for your home-run business? We have the best deals you can find anywhere.

We also have workspaces and desks in a quiet and serene office environment for your use. Our wifi works and coffee is on the house.

Our virtual office service is ideal for business owners who do not wish to incur costs associated with office setup and management but still need an accessible address in town where they can receive mails and have meetings during business hours.

How it  works:

  1. You pay a signup one-time fee of N25,000 N15,000 for the first month. 
  2. You get a pass, and pack of business cards saved for you on the front desk of our workspace with your details.
  3. We receive your post mails (letters, documents etc) and small parcels with 2kg weight or less.
  4. After the first month, you would be charged N5,000 for any subsequent visit to receive your mail/parcel, or you use the workspace.

Secure access to a desk/seat at our workspace for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Our space is conducive for work and has an outdoor sitting for a more relaxed experience and light conversations.


  • N35,000 flat monthly or N7,000 per visit.

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